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  • CINEC 2016 with Elisabetta Cartoni



Receive further two (2) years warranty for free!

  • Danys Bruyère
    Groupe TSF, Paris – France

    …As a rental company, service is very important for us. Our CARTONI SIGMAS have had virtually no service issues in a long time of use and abuse, the SIGMA is very rugged, though gentle, our clients love the smooth linear damping and prefer it to the step by step system for precise movements.

  • Rodney Charters

    …My operators on “24” Guy Skinner on A when he is not HH on his Starglider uses the CARTONI GAMMA for those demanding shots with an 11 to 1  while Jay Herron on B mounts the GAMMA with the 3 to 1 every day.  I am extremely happy  with the GAMMA for my RED system.

  • Nigel Cooper

    …I can guarantee that if you buy any model of CARTONI  tripod, you will receive the best after-sales service ever.

  • Bruce DeAragon
    1st camera assistant

    …My SIGMA has withstood the continual daily abuse on “24” series, from pilot through season 4 without fatigue.

  • Jay Herron

    …CARTONI is seriously the leader in camera support and make the best fluid heads in the industry

  • Tommy Mack
    Sales Manager - EVS, Inc.

    …From broadcast & HDV to tripped-out Red Cameras, with prompters, matteboxes & souped-up Redrock Micro kits, CARTONI DELTA ROSSO does them all with a solid finesse usually reserved for tripods three times the price.

  • Nancy Schreiber

    …The CARTONI LASER is quite  sturdy and well designed, even though it is small and lightweight. I was particularly impressed with the control I had over both the tilt and pan drag, with  a full  range of tension settings. This allowed for very smooth and precise moves which were challenging to execute on  many tripod heads made for small cameras in the past .This puts the LASER  a giant  step above other heads that are similar in size and price

  • Joe Shackleford
    Sweetwater Digital

    …CARTONI GAMMA, DELTA, MASTER, SIGMA, OMEGA and P50 Pedestals over the years always delivered top performance; and, last but not least, the after sales service at CARTONI is unsurpassed.

  • John Sharpe
    “24” - Key First

    …The LAMBDA is quick to set up and balance. It affords feature shots at a television pace

  • Guy Skinner
    “24” – “A” Camera Operator

    …Precision, Flexibility & Simplicity, The CARTONI LAMBDA is fast and easy to set up. It operates with comfort, grace and can be positioned and maneuvered in a multitude of ways

  • Bill Brady
    Alford Media Services, Inc.

    ...It is very important for us to have sturdy and reliable equipment.  The CARTONI DELTA and C40S Fluid Heads and Tripods give us a lot of bang for our buck. We’re very happy with these products and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Mark Irwin

    ...I have been using the CARTONI SIGMA exclusively for 3 years and I find it to be the most consistent in every situation. With fast action or slow dramatic moves, the pan, tilt and especially counterbalance response is perfect .The convenience and accuracy of the digital readouts is a real bonus on set when conditions change but the biggest plus is the solid, repeatable behavior of the tilt and counterbalance combination. When we  change lenses or magazines, I can enter a predetermined setting and just get on with the shot - no need to fuss with dials and cranks. Keep on designing heads like these ! 

  • Bob Wyatt
    Director of Engineering - KSPS-TV

    …KSPS couldn't be more pleased with the purchase of our CARTONI Heads and Pedestals for our Studio conversion to HD.  The support and service provided by CARTONI after the purchase has been excellent.  Our camera operators find the ease of adjusting the heads for individual preferences to be a pleasant surprise

  • Eric Fletcher

    This technology is in use on the majority of productions. The LAMBDA engineering is superb supporting the Camera Operator with ease of use, quality of design and producing superior on screen results.