SDS, Speed & Versatility

Introducing SDS: Smart Deployment Series.

UVC Boxer – Dosimeter

UVC dosimeter cards measure and verify UV germicidal irradiation.

Introducing UVC-Boxer

The CARTONI UV-C BOXER is the only medical-grade UV-C Device that disinfects film & video equipment from microorganisms, including covid-19, in just 3 minutes.

UVC-Boxer Tutorial

Disinfects film & video equipment from microorganisms, including covid-19, in just 3 minutes.
Behind the scenes

Paolo Sodi – Backstage Pratomagno

Paolo Sodi – Backstage Pratomagno shooting with Focus 22 SDS
Behind the scenes

Red Lock | Sarah Tang Braden

Sarah Tang Braden shooting in North Carolina with a Focus 12 Red Lock system.
Behind the scenes

50th Earth Day Italy – Paolo Sodi

Zucchero’s fab concert at Rome Colosseum. Thank you director Paolo Sodi for always using CARTONI Heads & Tripods and Eduard Luzhetskiy for a spectacular backstage amid Roman Covid-19 quarantine.
Interviews, Storytelling

Phillip Baribeau

Pruducer & Filmmaker Phillip Baribeau discusses how he went from shooting wildlife documentaries in #Yosemite to livestreaming his wife’s #yoga studio as a way to give back during the pandemic.
Behind the scenes, Storytelling

Red Lock in action

Sam Sosnowski demonstrates some of the features of the new Cartoni Red Lock System.

Red Lock tripod first look

Interview with Elisabetta Cartoni, CARTONI’s CEO.
Behind the scenes, Storytelling

Paolo Sodi in Camargue with Focus 22

Paolo Sodi shooting a documentary in Camargue (FRance) with Sony Venice and Focus 22 SDS.
Behind the scenes, Interviews, Storytelling

BTS Ivan D’Antonio – JIBO

Ivan D’Antonio on the set for his latest project, filming with JIBO.