Since 1935, out of Rome, CARTONI SpA designs, manufactures and markets high-end Professional Camera Supports and accessories for the Motion Picture and Television industries.

Internationally recognized in the industry as a pre-eminent brand for camera support equipment, CARTONI prides itself on its engineering ability, innovative and leading technology.

Starting in the thirties with Renato CARTONI (a.i.c.) who invented the Gyro Head and later with his son, Guido, founder of the present structure in 1962, CARTONI has incessantly introduced highly engineered, patented Professional Camera Support systems that have become industry standards.

In 1992 Guido CARTONI was presented a Scientific and Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (ampas) for his pioneering work in developing the Technology in fluid tripod heads. Later, in 1995 he was awarded the ATIC Technical Award from Associazione Tecnica Italiana Cine-televisione in Rome and in 1999, the SOC Technical Achievement from Society of Operating Cameramen in Los Angeles.

Constant innovation has ensured the company’s success. CARTONI owns and uses 33 different patents on Fluid Action Counterbalance Systems and tripods, registered in Italy, Europe, United States, China and India.


Every part of a CARTONI support system originates from technical research that aims for performance perfection:

The Fluid Drag System, highlighted by several patents such as the modular labyrinth combination, the variable labyrinth and the planetary fluid control incorporates in the various Fluid Heads. CARTONI camera support heads assure smooth, precise and repeatable movements to a camera.

The Counterbalance, with the modular helical spring system, the patented silicon padded variable system or the patented steel cable system allows the perfect counterbalance of the camera throughout the tilt mode.

The camera correct centering is possible thanks to the accurate sliding plates hosting the quick release camera attachment.

The Easy Readable Settings, all conveniently placed and assisted by digital readout, and the illuminated spirit level, ensure fast and precise set up.

The Sturdy Tripods, manufactured in special alloys or carbon fiber composites, guarantee absolute stability and virtually no torque effect with their self-adjusting leg coupling and precise and positive height locks.

The Portable, Lightweight and Versatile Pedestals with the innovative pneumatic column design allow for torque-free elevation movement.

The extremely stable wheel units in all dollies and pedestals are mounted on 6 high precision bearings, and lockable in 6 positions.

Constant research and the direct input from the end-user are the secrets of our success.

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