Documentary DP & video journalist Alessandro Pavone was in Pakistan to film the documentary series “VICE on Showtime”.

Freelance documentary DP & video journalist Alessandro Pavone, Cartoni ambassador and friend, was in Pakistan to film the documentary series “VICE on Showtime” for the American cable television channel VICE TV.

Tell us more about the project.

AP: “Nine months after a devastating flood paralyzed most of the country, Pakistan, the 5th most populous country in the world, is in the grips of an impossible recovery effort which comes at the worst possible time. We travelled to the southeastern region of Sindh to document the aftermath of the devastating heavy monsoon rains.”

Was the Cartoni Focus 10 Smart Deployment System (SDS) helpful for the shoot?

AP: “The Cartoni Focus 10 SDS Tripod system proved to be a great asset for this trip. It’s quite robust and it performed very well in water, swamps, sand, and very hot temperatures. The tripods I usually operate in the field must withstand a lot more wear and tear than just about any other product you normally use. I have used my Cartoni tripod all over the world in war zones, natural disasters, snow, rain, extreme heat, and just about any other environment you can think of. I am very satisfied because it has never let me down.”

What other spec did you like on the Focus 10 SDS?

AP: “Speed, another big advantage that the Focus 10 SDS has. Extremely compact and fast to deploy as it has been designed with the concept of letting you adjust as fast as possible. When you are filming news or documentaries, you often need to move very quickly, and you don’t have time to make small adjustments. I was very impressed how easy and quick was to raise or lower the tripod’s max height.”

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Article from: Film Digital Times
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