Cartoni Showcasing at 2022 NAB Show

Cartoni, the Italian company renowned to be one of the world leaders in professional camera support – the only one that designs, engineers, and manufactures in Europe – reached its leading position on the international market by offering, with its 33 different patents, the widest range of technologically superior, rugged fluid camera supports, with a variety of 17 different fluid heads, including remote controlled encoded heads, calibrated in capacity and performance for all shooting needs, plus aluminum and carbon fiber tripods, pedestals, jibs, dollies, PTZ solutions, UV-C disinfection devices, and a plurality of accessories.

Elisabetta Cartoni, President & CEO, said “Finally the NAB Show is back this month and hopefully the pandemic will soon be seen as a remote nightmare. Trade shows are fundamental to meet directly with dealers, distributors, and end-users. For us at Cartoni, it’s a perfect place to spend time with camera operators and directors of photography, listen to their needs, suggestions, experience, and feedbacks. This is how we can improve our products, by talking to your clients you can fine tune ideas for new products or improvements on the existing product line and last, but not least, you chat with your industry friends from all over the world. This year, with Manios Digital, our US distributor, we are introducing a new pedestal and new PTZ accessories, as this end of the market is rapidly expanding and asking for new accessories and support solutions. Finally, I hope the NAB this year, after having been cancelled for two years, will be a very successful show as we all deserve.”

Broadcasters and rentals rely on camera support products from Cartoni for their famed rock-solid performance and exceptional durability. All are precision engineered and feature Cartoni’s patented counterbalance system and advanced dampening module. They also come with Cartoni’s industry leading 5-year warranty. Several sports networks, mobile production units, university broadcast departments and others have made Cartoni their first choice in camera support for its rare combination of quality, performance, and value.

At NAB 2022 the company will be showcasing its latest exciting products: The new Pedestal P40 that combines perfect balance and on-shot movement for OB & lightweight studio environment, with payloads up to 45Kg /100lbs. This rugged yet lightweight support with large height range, is ideal for newsrooms, sports or PTZ configuration.PTZ Pro Solutions. A variety of solutions to install PTZ cameras – so popular today – in a professional, user-friendly way as the PTZ ultralight tripod system, PTZ lightweight stands, the revamped Pedestal P20 for PTZ. Plus, functional accessories as the ‘T-Bar’ capable carrying two or more PTZ cameras on the same Bar. The Universal PTZ mounting plate, etc. The RED Lock Focus series. Smooth, fast, versatile, the RED Lock System is the new tripod designed for professional camera operators. Available in 3 different systems, the Focus 8, Focus 10 and the Focus 12, the RED Lock is fast, lightweight, and robust, unique in both its versatility and affordability. The RED Lock tripod comes with two rings and allows camera operators to easily change it from 75mm to 100mm. With the Focus 8 & 10, Cartoni is offering video production operators a premium tripod at entry-level affordability!

New ‘must have’ accessories for sophisticated Digital Cine Operators: The Mitchell lock, compact secure all in one piece, mounts directly to Cartoni flat base heads or other heads via the disc adapter. The Dual quick release slide for Steadicam dovetail plate but also for standard ARRI / O’Connor / RED / Sony cine Plates,… The MASTER 65, a heavy-duty head for Broadcast cameras with larger zoom or box-type lenses, featuring Cartoni’s patented Magnum counterbalance system and unique silicon fluid drag system, offering perfect balance, and the preference of heavier drag with smooth starts & stops with no backlash. The new drag system is essential for tight shots on long, zoomed lenses that are subject to subtle camera movements.

At a payload capacity of 20kg. (44lbs) to 70kg (150lbs), largest fluid coupled with the Sport 200 Tripod, the state of the art of heavy-duty tripods, offers an outstanding torsional rigidity and its innovative aluminum designed profile shaped to ensure maximum strength, holding up to 200kg (441lbs) load while weighing only 10,5kg (23lbs). The UV-C LED Boxer Portable Disinfection Cabinet is a smaller, lighter, portable cabinet powered by next-generation UV-C LEDs that destroy germs, bacteria, micro-organisms, and viruses such as SARS and COVID-19 in just 5 minutes. Less than half the size and weight of the original UV-C BOXER, Cartoni custom-designed with HPRC a robust fireproof & waterproof case equipped with the same germicidal UV-C technology certified to disinfect gear. The effectiveness of both the UV-C Boxer and UV-C LED Boxer are certified in a series of independent lab tests performed by the famed University of Siena, Italy and FDA approved Texas Microchem Laboratory.

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Rome, Italy (April 6, 2022) – Cartoni, a professional camera support industry leader, will showcase its latest products at the
Cartoni, the Italian company renowned to be one of the world leaders in professional camera support – the only one
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