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The New FOCUS range

Oct. 21, 2015

 CARTONI, the gold standard in Camera Support for 80 years, is introducing - in addition to the popular FOCUS HD - a new range of FOCUS Fluid Heads specifically designed for today’s smaller, lighter high-performance cameras.

The four new dynamic Heads, FOCUS 8 - 12 - 18 - 22 accomodate an array of camera, lens and accessories packges from 0 ↔ 22kg (0 ↔ 48.50lbs). Each include CARTONI’s patented counterbalance system for superb performance and each comes with the company’s unsurpassed 5-year warranty.

Rugged, yet easy to operate, compact FOCUS Fluid Heads combine extremely lightweight magnesium alloys construction with pre- cision engineering, smooth fluid feel, simple ergonomic settings, providing perfect performance every time, making them ideal for a range of applications from all news gathering and documentary shooting to motion picture production and studio use. FOCUS Heads give you that smooth fluid sensation that can only be delivered by a perfect counterbalance system.

FOCUS range features:
• Payloads from 0 ↔ 22kg (48.50lbs)
The added capacity allows operators to confidently employ additional accessories from small studio prompters to large ENG kits with on-board lights, monitors and larger batteries.

• Robust design
FOCUS are built for the rigors of ENG and field operations.
The new CARTONI patented counterbalance system allows for a lighter and more compact structure without compromising durability.

• Ultra lightweight
At only 1.8kg (4lbs) FOCUS 8
payloads up to 8kg (17.6lbs), one of the best weight-to-payload ratios in the industry. Its portability and easy setup makes it ideal for news operations.

• Perfect counterbalance
All Heads offer ±90° of perfectly balanced ultralight adjustment from
0 ↔ 22kg (48.50lbs). The ability of and FOCUS 12 to support payloads less than 2kg (4.4lbs) enables the use of a wide variety of camera/lens/accessory combinations.

• Euro-style, quick-release plate
The simple, Euro plate on the FOCUS 12 - 18 - 22 enables fast set up and easy balancing.
The plate is compatible with all leading tripod manufactures for full exchangeability in the field. The 8 features an innovative sliding plate compatible with Sachtler ACE & Manfrotto standard plates.

• Improved set-up and functionality
FOCUS 12 - 18 - 22 come with a switchable, illuminated level bubble as a standard feature.

• Mounting interface
All FOCUS Heads offer 100mm ball base fittings - exept FOCUS 8 which has a 75mm ball base - to provide rigid and sturdy support that can easily interface with industry standard 100mm tripods.

FOCUS 8 - FOCUS 12 - FOCUS 18 - FOCUS 22