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On the way to NAB Show 2016

April 11, 2016

The start of NAB Show 2016 is almost here, we’ve already sent out our new lineup of products to Las Vegas. Our partner, Manios Digital has been already hard at work, and we’ve started to transfer our team to Nevada from Rome.

We would like to announce:

The FOCUS family (FOCUS 8,12,18 & 22) introduced at IBC 2015, has seen great success, adopted & acclaimed highly by Sony USA. Who have bought more than 200 FOCUS 12 systems for their Sony’s Video Journalist backpacks.

This year, we’ll be announcing our new LAMBDA series (LAMBDA 10, 25 and 50) at NAB Show 2016.

We are proud to claim that the LAMBDA Head has been awarded from the Society of Camera Operators in Hollywood with a Lifetime Technical Achievement in February.

On show, there will be 3 different Nodal Heads with 3 different Payloads to test and try out, enough to meet the demands of most Directors of Photography.

By tradition every year, we invite you warmly to come over to our Booth C 9039 to raise a toast in celebration. Introducing our new products on Tuesday, April 19th start from 5 pm! Don’t miss out, be there.

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