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Paolo Sodi - Papua New Guinea

Dec. 16, 2016

Being a CARTONI aficionado, we interviewed him about his filming in Papua New Guinea.
C. Tells us about your new adventure in Papua New Guinea.
P. Alessio Bariviera and I are shooting a 55 minute docu-fiction about the life of native Tribes. I intend to depict their lifestyle, culture and the way they interact with nature.
Am afraid that many facets of their lifestyle and traditions will soon dissapear with the invasion  of our “Civilization” and that several fascinating aspects of their history will be erased and lost forever.
As a deeper aspect, I’d like to understand and feel what one flavours to live within a totally different dimention, totally disconnected from our modern society and technological civilization. I believe this is extremely fascinating.
C. So, you met with the Tribes?
P. Sure, we met with more than 8 of them that live scattered around Papua New Guinea, from the various plateau to the islands. From this direct contact with them, I can say that I understood a lot of their culture and that this experience was extraordinary. The country has hundreds of Tribes and what I did not know was the extreme difference from one tribe from another even if they live close-by to eachother.
C. What shooting techniques did you use while filming?
P. We were ingulfed in a real luscious Garden of Eden, so I blended the static scenes with dynamic aerial shots. The ground scenes were so interesting that there was no need to use spectacular camera movements to depict my narration. 
C. How did you plan the film? Do you travel alone or with a small crew?

P. There are two of us. The rule is be fast and practical, so we travel light. I’m the director, DoP and editor, while Alessio is the producer and the Drone operator for our aerial shots.
To tell you the truth, I miss having a real crew, especially if you think we’ll be travelling for 45 days and we are only at day 23. We are starting to feel fatigued. Having a bigger crew enables you to do more shots in an easier environment.
C. What gear did you use?
P. I chose the lightweight SONY FS5, basical optics, a shotgun microphone, a DJI Phantom 4 Drone and obviously the lightest and compact CARTONI Tripod, the FOCUS 8.
C. Where and how does your passion for documentaries come from?
P. My passion started when my folks gave me my first 8mm camera when I was 14. That’s when I understood that filming was my future.
As far as the subject area, nature, respect for our surrounding, and the living creatures that live in it is what I prefer the most. Beyond that, I shot several documentaries in so many different places, but the one I prefer was in Sierra Leone two years ago.
We were supposed to film part of a promotional video for an Italian NGO, Gli occhi della speranza. We filmed inside orphanages, leper colonies, schools for the blind. That was an unforgettable experience that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.
C. What would you suggest to young people that would take up a career like yours?
P. Believe in your ideas and invest all your energy in them. In our business, you must have entrepreneurial skills and try hard. Inactivity might turn up to be lethal. Dont wait for thing to happen, you have to create the opportunity, nothing is going to fall from the sky for you.
If you want to fullfill your dream and become a pro, just fight for the projects you believe in. The rest will come.

About Paolo Sodi: