Privacy Policy

Cartoni S.p.A. commits to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and security of its users’ confidential and personal data (“Personal Data ”). In order to allow the website to work accurately and efficiently, Cartoni S.p.A. may collect and maintain the users’ Personal Data. The Personal Data are collected both through the user’s voluntarily disclosure – such as when the user is required to provide his/her data within the website registration – and through automatic means, such as cookies.

According to Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003, Cartoni S.p.A. commits to use the user’s Personal Data only for those purposes for which they have been delivered, such as for the subscription to the newsletter, the request of cost estimates and/or customer’s assistance and/or to leave comments on the website. Moreover, and upon the user’s consent, Personal Data may be used in order to send- through e-mail, courier, or any other media – information, advertising and promotional materials concerning Cartoni S.p.A.’s goods, events and commercial activities. The collected data may also be used to ascertain any liability for cybercrimes related to the newsletter, the website and its related webpages. Cartoni S.p.A., with registered office in 33/B Via Di Portonaccio, 00159, Rome (Italy) is the data Controller. Cartoni S.p.A. mainly processes all data electronically.

In any moment – by contacting Cartoni S.p.A., phone No. 064382002, fax No. 0643588293 e-mail ) – the user is entitled to exercise his rights deriving from the Italian legislation on personal data protection (Article 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003 No. 196), including the right to receive confirmation of the treatment of his personal data by Cartoni S.p.A., the right to become aware of the source of the data, the right to obtain additions, updates, modifications, cancellations, obscurations and the block of his personal data due to law infringement, the right to object to data processing for legitimate reasons, as well as the right to request the list of the data processors and/or the details of third parties to whom the Personal Data have been revealed. In any moment the user is entitled to unsubscribe from the website registration and/or the newsletter and/or to request that comments posted by third parties on the website be removed, by accessing to the web-page, or addressing a request to . The comments removal request will be appropriately evaluated by Cartoni S.p.A. in accordance with the users’ sensibility.

The word and/or figurative trademarks CARTONI® and SPINHEAD® as well as the domain name are exclusively owned by Cartoni S.p.A. Any third parties’ unauthorized use will be considered an infringement of Cartoni S.p.A.’s intellectual property rights. Any other distinctive sign, such as word and device trademarks, logos, slogans, domain names, registered or unregistered, as well as any intellectual property right other than those owned by Cartoni S.p.A. are of the exclusive property of the respective holders and the links to third parties’ websites have the sole purpose of facilitating the users’ access to the relevant websites.