Fluid Heads

With 36 patents for its fluid action and camera counterbalance technology, Cartoni covers all the needs of professional camera support and movement throughout documentary, news, sports, entertainment, educational and digital cinematography applications.

Made to last since 1935, all the Cartoni Fluid Heads are backed by a free 5 years warranty.

Your every day

Focus series

The Focus fluid heads are compact, lightweight & budget friendly

Designed for today’s high-performance cameras, the Focus series is the preferred system for independent content creators, digital cinematographers and broadcasters.
The Focus fluid heads are the perfect match to all the latest digital cameras such as Arri, Black Magic, Canon, Red Digital, Panasonic and Sony… just to name a few.

Designed for

Master Series & Magnum

Professional grade fluid heads for Broadcast Studio, OB, and Live Event Production

Designed to effortlessly balance heavy payloads with Cartoni’s patented ultra-smooth movement. Setting knobs and levers are ergonomically placed for instinctive operation and prompt adjustment. The flagship Magnum fluid head with a payload up to 130 kg (287 lbs) is the ultimate solution for OB or studio work.


Maxima Series

The Maxima series expressly designed by and for cinematographers, for the ultimate camera movement

Patented drag and balance systems provide a feel that has raised the industry standard on what is expected in a fluid head. User controls located and designed for total comfort allow operators to rapidly fine tune head performance by feel.
The patented continuous fluid drag system performs from almost freewheeling to an exceptionally consistent drag for maximum versatility and flawless diagonal shots. The large sliding camera plate is compatible with Arri, Sony and O’Connor slides.

The Nodal

Lambda Series & SFX

Cartoni Lambda, the advanced nodal design, now an industry standard

Since the year 2000 Cartoni has offered to the industry the nodal setting in two or three axis to enhance the narrative expression. A must have for visual effects the Lambda heads allow seamless 360° movements on each axis assisted by patented fluid drag control.