Fluid Heads 150 mm

With 36 patents for its fluid action and camera counterbalance technology, Cartoni covers all the needs of professional camera support and movement throughout documentary, news, sports, entertainment, educational and digital cinematography applications.

Made to last since 1935, all the Cartoni Fluid Heads are backed by a free 5 years warranty. 

Compact and lightweight. The perfect choice for independent content creators, broadcasters and digital cinematographers

Dedicated to broadcast, excellent fluid and perfect counterbalance

The premiere line for sophisticated cinematographers

The nodal support in 2 or 3 axis assisted by outstanding fluid modules

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25 kg
55 lbs
4 kg
9 lbs
150 mm


35 kg
77 lbs
7 kg
15 lbs
150 mm


30 kg
66 lbs
4.4 kg
10 lbs
150 mm