Cartoni Pedestals are sturdy, precise, torque-free and portable. Perfect for Studio and OB

Key features

  • Sturdy pneumatic central column
  • Precise dolly
  • Ample height adjustment
  • No service operation
  • Versatile application
  • Two stage elevation

Cartoni Pedestals are sturdy, precise, torque-free and portable. Perfect for Stud The entire Cartoni pneumatic pedestal range for studio and outdoor broadcast applications has been redeveloped and improved, and it will be released as a high-performance series, including the P20 HP, P40 HP, P70 HP, P70 HP Steering, and P90 HP. The technical improvements feature a dual-stage column with a first manual height adjustment and a smooth second pneumatic elevation unit for height on-air adjustment. On the P90, both stages are pneumatic, and a new reduced minimum height has been achieved. Furthermore, the new HP range offers increased smoothness of the pneumatic column with a special silicon coating on the roller tracks, ensuring perfect balance of the camera system. A newly developed sealing technology will ensure long-lasting pressurization. The castored double wheels will be supported by new stainless-steel bearings, improving traveling on different types of floors. The pedestals will start shipping in September 2023 and are covered by Cartoni’s unparalleled 5-year warranty.

5 high Performance Pedestals to cover every working requirement, The HP range features a two stage elevation column, one for basic set up and one pneumatic elevation with high precision movements for on-air height adjustment. The P90 HP pedestal performs both stages pneumatic elevation for a stroke of 74 cm.


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