Monopod & Stand

An excellent fluid head needs an excellent tripod. Therefore, the tripod technology is complementary and not second to the head technology.

At Cartoni, we spared no effort in researching the best tripod design and state of the art construction. Several patents make the Cartoni Tripods unique for fast deployment, shape innovation, locking system reliability and overall durability.

Advanced engineering and the selection of the finest materials such as prime quality aluminium and triple cross-layered carbon-fibre tubing and high strength polymers, guarantee the sturdiness and long-lasting durability of each Cartoni tripod.

Smart Deployment Series (SDS)

The SDS system expands on the famous SMART STOP two stage/single lever tripod technology with the addition of new SMART LOCK mid-level spreader, featuring a patented “no-bind” mechanism for quick spread and collapse capability.

Red Lock
A new series of budget-friendly camera supports designed for professional camera operators on the go.
Maximum Height
Maximum Height - slider
Maximum Height
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185 cm


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205 cm