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  • Fluid Heads

    Fluid Heads

    FOCUS series
    Lightweight Heads
    MASTER series
    Broadcast & Production Heads
    MAXIMA series
    Digital Cinematography Heads
    LAMBDA series
    Nodal Heads
    Digital Cinematography

  • Tripods & Jibs

    Tripods & Jibs

    Sturdy Tripods made with extremely lightweight magnesium alloys & carbon fiber ensure the ideal support to the Fluid Heads.

  • Pedestals


    CARTONI Pedestals - perfect for Studio & OB - are lightweight, sturdy, precise, torque-free and portable.

  • Virtual & Remote

    Virtual & Remote

    Versatile remote Heads, Broadcast, Film & SFX robotics technology

  • Accessories


    A wide range of dedicated accessories to the CARTONI product line. 

  • System Packages

    System Packages

    The best combinations of Fluid Head, Tripod, Spreader for a wide variety of use in DSLR/UHD, ENG, EFP.


Brands distributed in Italy