Rail Clamp for 75/100mm Bowl Base Heads

Commercial Code: AH905

EAN Code: 4260725673866

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The Rail Clamp mounts on set scaffolding or unusual places as hand rails, planks ,rods and grids, or where you cannot put a tripod!

Sturdy, lightweight, fast set-up Hi-Hat style confidently supports video/cinema fluid heads in 75mm & 100mm Bowl base heads.

A safety ring on the upper base allows to hook  a safety cable to secure the camera from accidental falls.

The standard Rail Clamp features 3 rods  140mm/5,5” high, a set of long rods ( 240mm/9,5 “) is available as accessory # AH906


Technical Data

1.6 kg
4 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
25 kg
55 lbs
Bowl Diameter
75/100 mm
Dimensions Railing thickness

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