Comm. Code: AS001

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Designed to pop up in seconds and tear down in one minute, this new lightproof highly versatile 20 kg DIT tent is made of sturdy lightweight waterproof Cordura ® and measures 1.80 x 1.80 meter with a height of 2.00 meters.

Its specialty is blocking out all light so the Director and DP can monitor the image without contamination.

The CARTONI OBSCURA is black on the inside for light control with a camouflage beige exterior for better heat reflection while 4 vents with mesh and cover ensure ventilation, plus a specific access for a portable AC unit to keep the inside cool.

It has ties for sandbags in windy environments while the front door uses zipper for quick access, velcro loop fasteners to hold door open and comes folded in a practical soft case for easy transportation.

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