UV-C Boxer

Comm. Code: B-UVC

EAN Code: 4260725673422

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The CARTONI UV-C BOXER is the only medical-grade UV-C device designed for film and video equipment and has been tested and certified by independent laboratories.

The UV-C medical-grade lamps in the CARTONI UV-C BOXER germicidal device has been designed and tested to provide ten times the irradiation needed to sanitize the surface of objects in the device.

The tests prove an efficiency of 99,998% in the destruction of several microorganisms, including Human Coronavirus Covid 19.

The BOXER has 10 Osram/Philips 4watt medical-grade UV 9-watt lamps installed in the chamber.

The chamber is covered by high reflection polished aluminum on all six sides, which reflect the UV-C lamp beams in all directions to cover the entire surface of the item to sanitize, including the bottom.

The power of a reflected beam is 40% of the original beam, exceeding the needed germicidal effect by five times.

Each lamp has a life of 6,000 hours and has no ozone release.

The typical length of time needed to disinfect and sanitize a set of equipment, including a camera, two lenses, two batteries, and one microphone is just tree minutes.

In order for effective sanitization, the objects must be well arranged and spaced in the BOXER chamber to ensure no overlapping.

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