UV-C Led Boxer

Comm. Code: BL-UVC

EAN Code: 4260725673439

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The Cartoni UV-C LED Boxer was certified to disinfect against a variety of microorganisms and viruses. Germicidal UV-C LED is incredibly effective and have several significant advantages.

* Pathogen kill rate – In independent lab tests, the UV-C LED Boxer was shown to have a 99.997% success rate in neutralizing resistant bacteria and viruses. The UV-C LED Boxer was tested with both flat surfaces and cameras, proving effective at neutralizing micro-organisms on hard to reach areas such as the handle and viewfinder of a camera.

* Limited chemical exposure – UV-C LED can disinfect bulk items and works in place of potentially harmful chemicals. Studies have shown that environmental transmission of germs and viruses can be an unwanted source of illness. Equipped with 42 medical-grade UV-C LED (275nm), the new Cartoni UV-C LED BOXER leverages the power of germicidal UV to safely sanitize the surface of equipment without emitting moisture, gas, or powders. If used properly, UV-C irradiation does not affect optical lens coating, electronic circuits & boards, lubricants, rubber, or composites in cameras, lenses, monitors, filters, microphones, etc. In addition, no Ozone is released during irradiation.

The effectiveness of the disinfection can be monitored by the use of Intellego Technologies’ Dosimeter Cards. For detailed test results, please contact us.


Dimensions: 81x58x48cm | 32×22.8×19 in
Weight: 25 kg or 55 lbs
Internal Chamber: 60x33x46cm or 23.6x13x 18 in
Chamber & Rack: 42 UV-C LED lamps at 275 nm, distributed in 6 modules, walling in polished aluminum mirror coating for optimal reflection in all directions
Power: 110/220 volts, battery or power bank.
Operating Tension: 24volts.
Irradiation: 360° UV-C wavelength covering all surfaces, including rack base
Cycle: 5 minutes with timer.
Certifications: CE EN61326 Electromagnetic – EN61010 -1 Electrical safety.
Certified to disinfect by Microchem Laboratories (United States), University of Siena (Italy)

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Technical Data

25 kg
55 lbs
81x58x48 cm