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The Maxima 5.0 is the ultimate Cartoni fluid head for Digital Cinematography with heavy-duty camera packages up to 57 kg (126 lbs)


Cartoni’s outstanding patented counterbalance compensates payloads from 5 to 57 kg (11 to 126 lbs), with “perfect balance” throughout the 180° tilt range.


The patented continuous fluid drag system performs from almost freewheeling to extremely consistent drag for maximum versatility and perfect diagonal shots.


The Maxima 5.0 knobs and levers are ergonomically placed to ensure camera operators complete ease-of-use in any situation, whether in the studio, location or during outside shooting. Drag and counterbalance settings are monitored on digital displays. The large sliding camera plate is compatible with Arri , Sony and O’Connor slides.


Key features

  • +/- 90° tilt range
  • Flat Mitchell base (optional 150mm bowl adapter)
  • Continuous fluid drag and continuous counterbalance
  • Perfect balance at any tilt angle
  • Ergonomic brake levers and operating knobs
  • Horizontal lock
  • Large quick release, side-load sliding camera plate
  • Digital readouts and illuminated spirit level
  • Telescopic pan bar and short front pan bar


With the classic Mitchell base the Maxima 5.0 interfaces with all flat base Mitchel tripods and platforms.


Register your product within 30 days from date of purchase/invoice to receive further two (2) year warranty for the unprecedented free five (5) year warranty.



In the Box


Technical Data

13 kg
29 lbs
Minimum Payload Capacity
5 kg
11 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
57 kg
126 lbs
Bowl Diameter
Fluid Drag
Pan Range
Tilt Range
Operational temperature
-40°/+60° Celsius
Grafico_Payload_Maxima 5.0 e E-Maxima 5.0


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Cartoni Maxima on set with Colt Seman

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