Lambda 10

Commercial Code: HL1000

EAN Code: 4260725670575

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The Lambda 10 is the most compact of the Cartoni nodal heads. Its sturdy aluminum tubes “L” shaped geometry with sliding capability allows the perfect centering of the camera.


  • With a capacity of 10 kg (22 lbs) the Lambda 10 does not require a counterbalance system and, once set on the center of gravity (CG) the camera can be moved freely along pan and tilt axis.


  • The movement is assisted by the combination of 2 Cartoni patented high precision fluid modules with 3 different settings in progressive intensity plus the “zero” position for complete freewheel movement.


  • The Lambda 10 has a 100mm bowl base and can be mounted on any 100mm bowl base and ideal for underslung use from Jib arms, cranes, sliders, or dollies making the Lambda 10 a preferred light device for tabletop work or medical documentary.


The Lambda 10 matches the Cartoni Jibo perfectly


In the Box


Technical Data

6 kg
13 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
10 kg
22 lbs
Bowl Diameter
100 mm
Fluid Drag
3 steps + 0
Tilt Range
Operational temperature
-40°/+60° Celsius


Cartoni Lambda 10 at Smashbox Studios

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