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Fluid Heads SFX

Lambda 25 Third Axis

Comm. Code: HL2500/TA
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Minimum Payload Capacity 0 kg
Maximum Payload Capacity 20 kg
44 lbs
Weight 5.8 kg
12.8 lbs
Bowl Diameter Flat base
Fluid Drag Continuous
Pan Range 360°
Temperature Range -40/+60°C

A third axis for Lambda 25 Allows nodal setting in 3 axis of rotation as if included in a sphere, can be mounted on existing Lambda 25 by simply disassembling the 2 L shaped frames and inserting the Dutch axis in between.

Ideal for underslung use on dollies or cranes.

Two counterweights of 1 kg each complete the package.

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Manuals catalog/manuals/Cartoni_Brochure_Lambda25_3Axis.pdf Download
Manuals catalog/manuals/DIUH067_0ib3Ogp.pdf Download

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