Total Dutch

Commercial Code: HL2500/TD

EAN Code: 4260725670605

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The Total Dutch Axis: a Cartoni patented new revolutionary tool to add a 3rd Axis lateral rotation to any classic heavy duty pan and tilt head.


  • Allows unprecedented 360 ° rotation for extraordinary creative shots.


  • The rotation is driven by a steering wheel pierced in the centre for cable channel.


  • The camera plate is short to fit the inversion of the camera slide.


  • The Total Dutch head is available as a complete product ready to be installed on top of any head via two 3/8 “ screws, or can be composed with Lambda 25 3rd Axis plus the camera stage of the Lambda 25 head.


  • Two 1 kg (2.2 Lbs) counterweights complete the set for true nodal rotation around the optical centre.

In the Box


Technical Data

10.5 kg
23 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
25 kg
55 lbs
Bowl Diameter
Flat base
Fluid Drag
Operational temperature
-40/+60°C Celsius


Cartoni Total Dutch Set-up

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