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Fluid Heads SFX

Lambda 50 Third Axis

Comm. Code: HL5000/TA
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Minimum Payload Capacity 0 kg
Maximum Payload Capacity 40 kg
88 lbs
Weight 15.5 kg
34.2 lbs
Bowl Diameter Plate
Type Nodal
Fluid Drag 7 steps + 0
Counterbalance 0
Pan Range 360°
Tilt Range 360°
Temperature Range -40°/+60°

The Lambda 50 Fluid Head employs the patented CARTONI fluid drag control system on both pan and tilt modes.

In order to obtain the 3rd Axis rotation, the Lambda features the 3rd accessory comprising an additional fluid drag system with 7 steps + "0".

  • 209788609**v
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