Pedestal P40

Commercial Code: P040

EAN Code: 4260725673521

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Combines perfect balance and on-shot movement for ob & lightweight studio environment, with payloads up to 45kg /100 lbs. This rugged yet lightweight support with large height range, is ideal for newsrooms, sports or ptz configuration.

Central pneumatic column

The hexagonal shape guarantees smooth and precise vertical movements and includes an air pressure gauge, a locking brake and a safety air pressure valve.

Sturdy foldable dolly

Features three twin wheels (125mm diameter-4,92 in) lockable in six tracking positions plus a foot operated brake on each wheel & cable guards to provide smooth movements in any desired direction.

Flexible mounting & easy set up

The P40 can be mounted on tracks of 620 mm pace with a skating wheel group. The air pressure inside the column can be set manually and adjusted to suit the exact weight of the head and camera configuration. It can be set up or disassembled fast and easy, the steering wheel has a fast lock attachment and the platform interfaces with a variety of optional head adapters.

With Pedestal Adapter (AH856) it is possible to mount all the fluid heads Flat Base

In the Box


Technical Data

23.2 kg
51 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
45 kg
100 lbs
Operational temperature
-20° /+60° Celsius
Maximum Pressure
10 atm
147 psi
On-Shot Stroke
471mm / 18,50 in
Wheel Diameter
12.5 cm
Minimum Height
71 cm
Maximum Height
157 cm
Doorway Tracking Width Minimum
75 cm
Manuals User Manual ed.09/2022