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Pedestal P20

Comm. Code: P020
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Maximum Pressure 13.0 atm
191.0 psi
On-Shot Stroke 40.00
Doorway Tracking Width Minimum 67.00 cm
26.4 "
Doorway Tracking Width Maximum 97.00 cm
38.2 "
Capacity 25.00 kg
55.1 lbs
Wheel Diameter 10.00 cm
3.9 "
Minimum Height (cm) 74.00 cm
29.1 "
Maximum Height (cm) 161.00 cm
63.4 "
Weight 14.0 kg
30.9 lbs

Extremely compact and lightweight, this innovative pedestal is the ideal mate for mobile work and lightweight studio needs.

The same technical concept which has made the P50 so successful is performed in the CARTONI P20, an extremely rugged and precise dolly and the hexagonal shaped central pneumatic column for maximum stability, smoothness and jerk-free operation.

The column supports a maximum payload of 25Kg (55 lbs) it includes an air pressure gauge, locking brake and safety air pressure valve adjusted at maximum 187 psi.

The air pressure inside the column can be set in manually and adjusted to suit the exact weight of the camera configuration.

The foldable dolly features a six-position TRACK LOCK, foot operated brake on each of the 100mm wheel and cable guards.

The system includes the manual air pump.

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