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P70 Steering

Comm. Code: P071/ST
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Maximum Pressure 9.0 atm
132.3 psi
On-Shot Stroke 45.00
Doorway Tracking Width Minimum 45.00 cm
17.7 "
Doorway Tracking Width Maximum 81.00 cm
31.9 "
Capacity 75.00 kg
165.3 lbs
Wheel Diameter 12.50 cm
4.9 "
Minimum Height (cm) 80.00 cm
31.5 "
Maximum Height (cm) 125.00 cm
49.2 "
Weight 45.0 kg
99.2 lbs

The STEERING P70 Pedestal is a new version of the bestselling P70, a portable and compact steering system for both studio applications with a super-smooth drive for easy travelling and OB applications.

Extremely stable, yet lightweight, the P70 delivers a superb performance with any camera/lens combinations up to 75 Kg (165 lbs).

The air filled, “on-shot” column is fast and safe to operate, it works with Nitrogen or clean compressed air that can be loaded with any compressor or a simple hand pump.

A safety air pressure valve prevents danger of air overpressure.

An innovative column design provides outstanding stability end jerk-free control with exceptional smoothness and precise movements.

The sturdy STEERING P70 dolly is equipped with three sets of double 12,5 cm (4.

9 in.

) diameter heavy-duty wheels, individually lockable and casted with an innova ve bi-component polyurethane mix for enhanced steering.

An advanced design chain allows accurate travelling in crab position even “on shot”.

The system interfaces with all at base, 4-bore holes Heads or any other bowl based Head with an adapter.

The STEERING P70 comes with a removable foot bar, 4x500 gr.


1 lbs) counterweights, adjustable cable guards and a manual air pump.

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