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Up to 8 kg - 18 lbs

Action Pod

Comm. Code: KAP-03M
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Payload Capacity 8.00 kg
18 lbs
Total Weight 2.20 kg
4.9 lbs
Tripod Material Carbon fiber
Number of stages 3
Spreader N/A
Minimum Height (Head to ground) 74.00 cm
29 "
Maximum Height (Head to ground) 190.00 cm
75 "

This sturdy yet lightweight 4 stages carbonfiber monopod incorporates a real pan and tilt fluid head at the top. Patented fluid modules assist both pan and tilt movements, and a counterbalance spring assists the operation for heavier cameras.

Quick release side-load camera plate, orientable pan bar, level bubble and positive locks for pan and tilt complete this versatile piece of equipment.

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