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The Focus 18 SDS Carbon System includes: Focus 18 fluid head, SDS Carbon Fiber tripod, Smart Lock mid-level spreader, set of rubber feetcarrying bag


Extremely lightweight, compact, and fast to deploy the Focus 18 SDS System supports camera set-ups of up to 21 kg / 46 lbs.

Ideally suited for documentary and broadcast professionals using midweight digital cinema and broadcast cameras with fully equipped accessories, seeking premium supports at a fair price point.


The Focus 18 fluid head features patented technology in both counterbalance and fluid drag systems, the tilt angle is +/- 90 °,  the bowl diameter 100mm, the temperature range is -40°/+60° Celsius, an illuminated bubble level and the fixing camera sliding plate is equipped with a Euro-style quick release system.


The SDS tripod is the fastest one-lever two-stage tripod on the market. Covered by three patents the SDS tripod offers an unprecedented ease of deployment and versatility. The Smart Lock spreader with the innovative “no-bind” design allows super low angles with uncompromised stability.


*measurements from ground to camera plate


Technical Data

8.0 kg
18 lbs
21 kg
46 lbs
Minimum Height
67.5 cm
Maximum Height
178.5 cm
Carbon Fiber
Number of stages
Smart Lock Mid-level
Grafico_Payload_Focus 18


Cartoni SDS system Africa filming

Cartoni SDS tripod systems in action

Products included


Focus 18

Soft Bag 2 stages Systems