Focus 8 SDS Carbon System

Commercial Code: KSDS08-C

EAN Code: 4260725670322

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The Focus 8 SDS Carbon System includes: Focus 8 fluid head, SDS Carbon Fiber tripod, Smart Lock mid-level spreader, set of rubber feet & carrying bag


Extremely lightweight, compact, and fast to deploy the Focus 8 SDS System supports camera set-ups of up to 8 kg / 18 lbs.

Ideally suited for run-and-gun shooters using lightweight digital cinema and news cameras with very few accessories, seeking premium supports at a fair price point.


The Focus 8 fluid head features patented technology in both counterbalance and fluid drag systems, the tilt angle is +/- 90 °, the bowl diameter 75mm, the temperature range is -40°/+60° Celsius, and fixing camera-sliding plate is compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler plates.


The SDS tripod is the fastest one-lever two-stage tripod on the market. Covered by three patents the SDS tripod offers an unprecedented ease of deployment and versatility. The Smart Lock spreader with the innovative “no-bind” design allows super low angles with uncompromised stability.


*measurements from ground to camera plate

Technical Data

5.8 kg
13 lbs
8 kg
18 lbs
Minimum Height
64 cm
Maximum Height
175 cm
Carbon Fiber
Number of stages
Mid-level Smart Lock


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Focus 8

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