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Light PTZ stand

Comm. Code: KPTZ001
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Maximum Height (Head to ground) 205.00 cm
81 "
Minimum Height (Head to ground) 89.00 cm
35 "
Tripod Material Aluminium
Payload Capacity 20.00 kg
44 lbs
Total Weight 3.20 kg
7.1 lbs
Number of stages 1
Spreader N/A

The new versatile KPTZ001 support features the 3 telescopic stage TZ001 lightweight stand complete with AT926 PTZ ball joint, the stand comes with standard rubber feet and can be installed on the D833 lightweight dolly.

The PTZ camera can be attached to the Ball joint with an optional quick release sliding plate AH921 for fast attachment and enhanced centring ability.

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Manuals catalog/manuals/PTZ_Solutions_01_vhBBOZZ.pdf Download

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