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PTZ pedestal

Comm. Code: P020/PTZ
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Maximum Height (Head to ground) 171.00 cm
67 "
Minimum Height (Head to ground) 74.00 cm
29 "
Tripod Material Aluminium
Payload Capacity 25.00 kg
55 lbs
Total Weight 14.00 kg
30.9 lbs
Number of stages 0
Spreader N/A

The CARTONI P20 pedestal gives to PTZ cameras an outstanding support allowing super high set up, a gliding vertical movement of 40 cm stroke and a super-precise travelling ability on even floors.

Equipped with a flat AH870 3/8, ¼” camera attachment the P020/ PTZ pedestal enable the PTZ camera to be assisted by a teleprompter, making it the ideal camera for newsroom.

Specifications:- Minimum height: 74 cm (29,1")- Max height: 171 cm (67,3")- Material: Aluminum- Capacity: 25 kg (55,1 lbs)- Weight: 14 kg (30,9 lbs)- Min doortrack: 67 cm (26,4")- Max doortrack: 97 cm (38,2")- On-shot Stroke: 40 cm (15,7")- Max pressure: 13 atm (191,0 psi)
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