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Tripods 150 mm

Tripod Studio Alu.

Comm. Code: T624
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Capacity 150.00 kg
330.7 lbs
Weight 6.0 kg
13.2 lbs
Folded Height 95.00 cm
37.4 "
Maximum Height 155.00 cm
61.0 "
Material Aluminium
Base 150 mm
Minimum Height 80.00 cm
31.5 "
Number of stages 1

With its rugged construction and extraordinary sturdiness the CARTONI Studio and Heavy Duty Tripods are designed to support the larger Fluid Heads in Studio or Outside Broadcast configuration. A special care has been developed in achieving torsional rigidity and positive leg clamp.
The ground steel spikes are covered by adjustable rubber feet and each Tripod can be secured either by an integral off mid-level Spreader or by a variety of a ground Spreaders and skids.

Using a bowl base converter from 150 mm to flat base, it is possible to mount on this Tripod Studio C40S, Lambda, C60S, Spinhead (all versions) Master Mk2 and Maxima Fluid Heads. C20S 150 mm can be mounted straight on the Tripod.

When assembled with mid-level spreader, requires pivoting tripod feet.
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