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Tripods Flat base

Tripod Studio Minibaby Carb.

Comm. Code: T624/SCM
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Capacity 150.00 kg
330.7 lbs
Weight 3.5 kg
7.7 lbs
Folded Height 35.00 cm
13.8 "
Maximum Height 45.00 cm
17.7 "
Material Carbon Fiber
Base Flat
Minimum Height 32.00 cm
12.6 "
Number of stages 1

This carbon fiber Minibaby Tripod with Mitchell flat base is for Studio cameras.

Compatible with following CARTONI Fluid Heads: Omega, C40S, C60S, Master Mk2, Lambda, Spinhead (all versions), Airfloater, Maxima, e-Omega, e-Rem 25, Magnum.

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