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Tripods Flat base

Tripod Elevation Unit

Comm. Code: T625/E
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Capacity 200.00 kg
440.9 lbs
Weight 16.6 kg
36.6 lbs
Folded Height 64.00 cm
25.2 "
Maximum Height 143.00 cm
56.3 "
Material Aluminium
Base Flat
Minimum Height 58.00 cm
22.8 "
Number of stages 1

This sturdy support combines the height range of a Pedestal with the robustness, fast operation and low cost of a Tripod.

It interfaces with all flat base heads through a 4 bore holes attachment.

The mid-level heavy duty Spreader and the pivoting feet make the Elevation Unit Tripod the ideal mate in outdoor shooting with heavy cameras.

The elevation element is easily operated by a side crank and allows the height position fine-tuning with the head and camera on board.

The total stroke of the elevating element is 35 cm (14 in).

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