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The e-Sensor Cartoni head is the latest innovation designed to meet the demands of Virtual Reality shooting.


With its robust and adaptable design, this cutting-edge head incorporates all the features of a standard Cartoni fluid action camera support head.

What sets the e-Sensor apart is its exceptional  resolution direct sensing encoders in both pan and tilt; with their 4 Million Counts/Revolution they provide absolute positioning without the need for recalibration during start-up.


Powered by Cartoni VR Box and compatible with most 3D packages, the e-Sensor enables real-time camera/scene movement in virtual sets and pre-visualization, making it the ideal solution for incorporating sports 3D graphics.


Furthermore, the e-Sensor can easily integrate with lens encoders and other position sensors, enhancing its versatility on the virtual set and Augmented Reality applications.


Key features:

  • Pan & Tilt angle resolution: 22 bit (4.194.304 Count / Revolution)
  • Absolute encoding
  • 7 steps of counterbalance + 0
  • Continuous fluid drag
  • +/- 65° counterbalance range


All Cartoni encoded fluid heads have successfully obtained CE certification and passed the EMC test according to EN 55032 (2015) + A1 (2020) & EN 55035 (2010) + A11 (2020)


Technical Data

6.5 kg
14 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
35 kg
77 lbs
Bowl Diameter
100 mm
Fluid Drag
Tilt Range
+/- 90°
Operational temperature
-15°C/+60° Celsius
Supply voltage
𝐷𝑐 5𝑉
Encoder resolution
22 bit (4.194.304 Count / Revolution)
Output code
𝐵𝑖𝑆𝑆 – 𝐶

Compatible products

EFP 100 Tripod - T723 - Cartoni

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