Comm. Code: H565/EN

EAN Code: 4260725673361

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The latest response to encoded support as needed in the Virtual Reality shooting.

Strong, versatile, including all features of a standard CARTONI fluid action camera support head, the e-Sensor features extremely high resolution direct sensing encoders in both pan and tilt, absolute positioning with no need to re-calibrate at start up.

CARTONI e-Sensor is powered by CARTONI and is compatible with most 3D packages for real time camera/scene movement in virtual set and pre-visualization, it is the ideal solution for sports 3D graphic insertions.

Connectors for lens encoders and other position sensors information are also possible to integrate to the e-Sensor electronics, making it a very versatile contender on the virtual set and augmented reality.

CE certification and EMC test passed as per EN 55024.

Pan/Tilt Resolution: 4 Million/Turn

Technical Data

6.5 kg
14 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
35 kg
77 lbs
Bowl Diameter
100 mm
Fluid Drag
Tilt Range
+/- 90°
Temperature Range
-40°/+60° Celsius

Compatible products