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EAN Code: 4260725673392

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The e-Magnum Fluid Head is the flagship in the CARTONI range of camera supports.

Designed to support fully decked Studio and OB cameras equipped with long boxed lenses, 7 in.

viewfinder or large teleprompter, the e-Magnum is an extremely compact Fluid Head incorporating a patented counterbalance system as well as an advanced fluid damping module.

Manufactured with an extensive use of ultra-strong aluminum alloy, the e-Magnum provides for outstandingly precise movements and consistently high drag output.

The counterbalance system is ideally suited to operate with Cameras featuring a high centre of gravity and weighing from 30 to 95 Kg (66,1 – 209,4 lbs).

Cameras within this range can be perfectly balanced through the entire 130° tilt angle.

Calibrated with a variable adjustment connected to a digital readout display, the counterbalance operating knob is conveniently located on the back of the head.

The frictionless fluid damping modules feature a patented design and give an extraordinary performance over an extended temperature range.

The continuously variable fluid control knobs located on both sides of the head are easy to reach and are connected to a digital readout which allows the operator for quick set-ups even in low light conditions.

The effective control brakes on both, pan and tilt mode are located on the right side of the control panel for an easy one-hand operation.

Two threaded holes for the teleprompter tubes are located on the front of the sliding platform.

The e-Magnum interfaces directly with any Mitchell flat base Heavy Duty Tripod and can be easily mounted on top of all existing Pedestals through the Pedestal Adapter (not included).

The CARTONI encoded heads for VR and AR applications are equipped with 4 Million count/Turn absolute encoders for both Pan and Tilt. There is no need for calibration.
CARTONI encoded heads are designed to be used with the CARTONI Virtual Box, but their extreme flexibility allows them to be easily integrated into any system, by connecting directly to the encoder via the Lemo connectors on the panel.
CE certification and EMC test passed according to EN 55024.


In the Box


Technical Data

19 kg
42 lbs
Minimum Payload Capacity
30 kg
66 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
95 kg
209 lbs
Bowl Diameter
Fluid Drag
Pan Range
Tilt Range
+/- 65°
Temperature Range
-40°/+60° Celsius
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