Control console Pan Tilt Zoom Focus

Commercial Code: A322

EAN Code: 4260725673163

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Remote Control

The console controls Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus.

The control console act as a filter for the speed signals from the input devices. It allows the user to select a speed multiplier, and smoothing the input signals eliminating natural hand vibrations.
It is possible to reverse the direction of travel indipendently on the two main axes.
The control console is able to limit the movement of the axes according to user’s settings.
A large RGB led shows system status.
Several inputs can be connected via lemo connectors on the back, encoded devices as eCube (Pan-Bar) or Handwheels for greater accuracy or a 3-Axis joystick for simple desktop setup.

In addition to the encoded inputs, two additional analog inputs are available for the Zoom and Focus handles; all necessary adjustments for these axes are included in the respective handle.
It is possible to connect an auxiliary button for the momentary disabling of the system, to recover the position without taking your hands off the controls.
There is also a Tally led which show the remote camera status and an output Tally connector which repeat the same signal on two external wires to easly connect the Tally signal to any type of monitor supporting this feature.

Technical Data

1 kg
2 lbs

Compatible products


e-Rem 25