This fluid head is designed to operate remote controlled cameras or other devices in an intuitive pan and tilt movement achieved by the operator just as if he was operating a traditional pan and tilt head.

The movements performed on the E-Cube are mirrored by the off settled remote controlled head.

The E-Cube is a smart alternative to sophisticated hand-wheels or simple joysticks.

The head has a flat platform with multiple threaded holes to install a monitor and/or a console.

The fluid units on both pan and tilt modes are the patented CARTONI continuous fluid modules.

Two telescopic pan bars are coupled to the horizontal shaft and carry 2 sliding counterweights to compensate the weight of lens controller attached to the bar.

A series of connectors are conveniently placed on the front panel to connect the encoders to the remote head.

E-Cube interfaces to any 100mm bowl base tripod or support.

The Encoder Resolution is 40.000 PPR (Pulse Per Revolution).

Technical Data

4.1 kg
9 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity
25 kg
55 lbs
Bowl Diameter
100 mm
Fluid Drag
Tilt Range
360° without end stop
Operational temperature
-25°/+60° Celsius