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Master series

Ideally suited for Broadcast Studio, OB,  and Live Event Production, the Master series of fluid heads meet the demanding requirements of professional cameramen. Designed to effortlessly balance heavy payloads while providing the ultra-smooth movement and control in long zoom lens applications. Setting knobs and levers are ergonomically placed with the operator in mind for instinctive operation and on-the-fly adjustment.  
  • Master 25

    The new Master 25 presented in its classy Black & Gold design, as a tribute to the famed CARTONI Fluid Heads of yesteryear, is a robust, yet lightweight Fluid Head.

    Designed to support the latest cameras complete with long lens, viewfinders, prompters and pan bar controls for new studio production as well as OB/ENG/EFP applications, with a payload capacity of up to 30 kg (66 lbs).

    The Master 25 is also available with grey anodized aluminum.

    The lightweight 5 kg (11 lbs) Master 25 features a tilt range of +/-90° and easy to use rings which allow the camera operator or grip to preselect the continuously adjustable fluid drag and counterbalance on a numerical scale from 0 to 10.

    Both the pan and tilt brake levers are easy to reach, and the Head features a convenient horizontal lock for setup.

    With a 150 mm bowl, it offers a wide and stable base on tripods or hi-hats.

    The Head base includes 4 bolt threads for direct interface to most of the Pedestals.

    Additionally, the Camera platform is equipped with a sliding Camera plate, compatible with competitor gear as the Vinten Vision 250, with standard 11 cm plate or 22 cm extra-long plate for balancing off-set Camera configurations.

    The Master 25 is the ultimate premium do-it-all competitively priced Head, with a combination of perfect balance and a super-smooth, continuously variable patented fluid drag on pan and tilt modes, perfectly suited for the camera operators needs.

    That means the Head can precisely track slow moving objects and whip pan in an instant.

    It comes with a single telescopic pan bar, while the second is optional.

    Master 25
  • Master 30

    In Broadcast and Studio configuration the new CARTONI Master 30 head covers the needs of sophisticated video shooters from 3 kg (7 lbs) to 30 kg (66 lbs).

    With a low center of gravity configuration such as with Teleprompter, Master 30 holds 40 kg (88 lbs).

    An exceptional new fluid module in both pan and tilt modes ensures smooth movements, with perfect starts and stops, the drag system allows a wide variety from almost freewheeling in fast action movements to maximum resistance for perfect long focal shoots.

    Counterbalance performs perfect balance at any angle from 0 to +/- 90 degrees.

    All operating knobs and levers are conveniently located and easy to reach with a special care for ergonomics.

    The head comes equipped with dual telescopic pan bars, illuminated spirit level and digital readouts for drag control and counterbalance settings.

    Master 30
  • Master 40

    The Master 40 is the ideal support for Broadcast Camera configurations up to 40 kg (88lbs).

    It features an amazingly smooth patented counterbalance system and the superb thin plates fluid drag.

    The Master 40 controls, knobs and levers, are ergonomically placed to ensure camera operators complete ease-of-use in any situation, whether in the studio, location or during outside broadcasts while drag and counterbalance systems are monitored on a digital display.

    Payload capacity goes from zero (0) to 40 Kg (88 lbs) with a perfect balance throughout the entire 180° tilt range.

    The specifically designed continuous Fluid Drag System performs from almost freewheeling to extremely consistent drag for maximum versatility.

    It features a V wedge plate for box lenses interface, installed on a wide sliding platform for perfect centering of the Camera.

    Extremely rugged and precise, the Master 40 is meant to become the ultimate industry standard.

    Master 40
  • Master MK2

    The new Master MK2 is the ultimate CARTONI Fluid Head designed most specifically for HD applications, Film, ENG & EFP camera systems.

    The Mk2 counterbalances very light cameras from 3 Kg (6.

    6 lbs) all the way to 35 Kg (77.

    2 lbs) making the Mk2 suitable from the smallest HDV camera to fully loaded RED, Alexa, F65, C300 (etc) cameras with all of the trimmings.

    This new CARTONI counterbalance system is an evolution of the patented CARTONI “Wing” system and allows a perfect performance throughout the +/- 90 tilt range, with perfect stops at any angle.

    The frictionless variable fluid modules perform a wide variety of fluid drag for the best smooth and precise movement in any shooting situation.

    All operating knobs and levers are conveniently located and easy to reach with a special care for user-friendly ergonomics.

    The Master MK2 comes equipped with one telescopic pan bar, standard quick release sliding camera plate, (EuroStyle plate optional) illuminated spirit level and digital readouts for drag and counterbalance settings.

    The Mk2 has a flat Mitchell standard base and an available 150mm bowl converter to make the Mk2 suitable for all leg options and Dollies.

    Master MK2
  • Master 65

    Designed to support camera weights from 20 Kg (44 lbs) to 65 Kg (143 lbs), the new Master 65 is ideal for outdoor Broadcast with bulky boxed lenses.

    Depending on CoG position, the maximum payload is:- At 200 mm: 65 kg- At 175 mm: 70 kg- At 150 mm: 80 kg It combines a wide range of counterbalance capabilities, performing prefect balance at any tilt angle with a new CARTONI Fluid drag system based on silicon film.

    The new drag ensures almost freewheeling at its minimum up to consistent drag for smooth and slow movements with long focal lengths.

    This rugged Head comes equipped with the standard Dovetail platform on a large sliding platform.

    The micrometric movements of the slide are operated by a handy crank placed under the slide.

    All settings are ergonomic and placed in the right positions.

    Pan Bars are compatible with the Vinten attachment.

    Master 65 comes equipped with a digital readout for counterbalance reference and illuminated spirit bubble.

    The Master 65 flat base interfaces with Mitchel mount tripods, Pedestals and other supports via 4 bolts fixing system, 2 ¾” castle-nut or a M12 threaded central knob.

    Master 65