Terms of use

Cartoni S.p.A. operates through an interactive platform for communications between Users and Dealers and, subsequently, between Dealers and Cartoni S.p.A. This service (“Streaming”) is used for Users’ requests of estimates, technical assistance and technical information to Dealers. The request of assistance may contain attachments. Forwarding any document which is unrelated to the specific request is forbidden. Cartoni will inform the competent authorities of any offensive acts performed through attachments such, as, for instance, the forwarding of offensive, pornographic, violent, libelous, discriminatory material, or material that breaches the private sphere of one of the communicating parties. Moreover, Cartoni retains the right to close, at its sole discretion, the User’s account, without being the User entitled to any compensation of damages, also in case of loss of data.

Streaming ends when the system’s automatic email request is sent. Cartoni shall not be held responsible for any event occurred after the Streaming and in particular for any commercial relationship between the User and the Dealer.

Cartoni shall not be responsible for possible communication delays, unavailability of the Streaming, delays in the assistance service and in general for any inconvenience and/or damage suffered by the User and/or by the Dealer, deriving from a malfunctioning of Cartoni S.p.A.’s or the Dealer’s website. In addition, in the above-mentioned cases, Cartoni S.p.A. shall not be liable for refunds or other forms of reparations, including for any shipping costs.